​AC Charging Solutions

AC charging is the most common type of charging and can be found almost everywhere. AC chargers are available at homes, shopping plazas, and workplaces. An AC charger provides power to the on-board charger of the vehicle, which converts AC power to DC power to enter the battery. The on-board charger’s acceptance rate varies by brand and is limited due to cost, space, and weight. Therefore, depending on your vehicle, it can take anywhere from four to twelve hours to fully charge.

DC Fast Charging bypasses the limitations of the on-board charger and required conversion by providing DC power directly to the battery. This greatly increases the charging speed. Charging times depend on the battery size, output of the dispenser, and other factors. However, many vehicles can get an 80% charge in under an hour using our DC fast chargers.​

Mono & 3-phase supported

All our AC chargers support a mono- and 3-phase connection but keep in mind with a mono-phase connection your charging speed will be lower versus 3-phase

All our AC chargers are Smart chargers

Smart means they include load balancing. This is used to reduce your energy bill

Smart & SuperSmart series

  • Smart: includes load balancing
  • SuperSmart: load balaning & Android/Apple Supported App

Outside proof

With a minimum IP54 waterproof protection and IK07 shock protection our AC chargers are built to resist any outside conditions. They are built to last

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Upgrade your Smart charger with our Design Covers

Choose from 4 colours or contact us for any RAL colour you desire