AC Charging Station with Socket Smart 11KW

SMART Series - 11kW- Load balancing - Socket

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The MTe Solutions Smart 11KW charging station is made in Europe. This charging station can be connected to single-phase and three-phase connections. Depending on the amperage, charging speeds of 3.7 kW to 11 kW are possible. This means that fast charging at up to 11kW is possible. To use fast charging at 11kW, a 32-amp three-phase connection is required.

The MTe Solutions line offers dynamic load balancing to ensure that energy consumption for charging remains within the available capacity of your electrical connection. This avoids overloading your connection, so that fuses never blow, and it avoids load peaks: the Smart series avoids charging sessions during periods when your consumption is already high, thus minimising a high energy bill.

This variant of the MTe Solutions range doesn't have its own fixed charging cable, but a plug. The plug corresponds to the standard European connection (type 2) for electric cars.

This charging station from MTe Solutions is made of ABS, a robust, hard plastic (polycarbonate), a light and durable material, in a light grey colour (RAL7035). The IP54 and IK07 protection ratings that the charging station has received are testament to its durability. IP54 means that the charging station is sufficiently waterproof to withstand rain. IK07 means that the charging station can withstand shocks and impacts of up to 5 joules. In other words, your MTe Solutions charging station will last for years.

The Smart series is made in Europe using durable materials. For example, the controller (the most important component of a charging station) is a top quality electronic component and not a printed circuit board (which is known to degrade quickly).

All MTe charging stations can be powered by the normal electricity grid and by solar panels.

With the Smart series, you also have the option of placing a beautiful metal cover over your device. The covers are currently available in black and white and are available separately.